Thursday, September 11, 2014

2015 Palouse Photography Tours with Teri Lou

Spring in the Palouse
The Palouse
Photographers from around the world gather each year to capture the unobstructed rolling hills of wheat, the friendly rural farming towns, and the ever-changing patterns and textures of the Palouse. The crops are rotated each year giving repeat visitors fresh landscape opportunities to photograph. The viewpoints provide breathtaking vistas and the back roads offer adventures jewels of photographic opportunities.
The Palouse is one of the few all American communities left that pride themselves in sealing a deal with a handshake and firmly believe in keeping their word. Most of the region is still family farmed by 3rd and 4th generation farmers. Click here for more information on the Agriculture of the Palouse Region.
Spring in the Palouse - view from Steptoe
2015 Palouse Photography Tours with Teri Lou
Teri Lou is offering 5 group Photography Tours in the Palouse during 2015 starting in May and ending in August. Each tour will have its unique appeal, see the links to the tours descriptions above. A maximum of 12 participants can sign up for all tours with the exception of the Abandoned House Tour that is limited to only 4.
Teri Lou created the first Photographer’s Map of the Palouse in 2010 with over 150 unique locations. Her vast knowledge of the area is forever growing as each year she scouts the 2100 square miles of Whitman County for new locations. During the tours she will share her favorites, both old and new. The days will be long, waking early with the farmers for sunrise, taking a mid morning breakfast break, then heading out until the sun sets some days.
Farm Tour with Dave, the hired hand and his combine
Teri Lou loves to share her knowledge of the Palouse from the perspective of the farmer. Over the years she has made it a point to 'stop in and chat for awhile' with many different families in the area. Her endless desire to ask questions about the crops, the machinery, the history and even the weeds provides participants on her tour a personal look into the culture of the Palouse region.

Old Fashioned Soda Fountain in the Palouse
During the tours Teri Lou will provide composition lessons, discuss depth of field and explain how to best capture the subject in the various light conditions. Teri Lou hopes to motivate, inspire and share what is photographically possible with all the participants.

Hotel Information
For each Tour a block of group discounted rooms are available at the Best Western Wheatland Hotel in Colfax. The hotel serves a simple breakfast, has Internet available throughout, a swimming pool and hot tub and has fresh baked cookies and tea available in the afternoon. Both King and 2 Queen rooms have been reserved. (See more info on the Palouse Meetup Site.) When making reservations just mention The Teri Lou Photo Tour to access the group block and discount. If you wish to share a room with another participant please let me know and I will inform others with the same wish.
Payment Information

Each tour varies in price starting at $495.  Read all details carefully.
Signing up for Palouse tours with Teri Lou
For complete and detailed information on each individual tour please see the tabs and links at the top of this site that are linked to the Palouse Meetup site.